The student association “La Terna Sinistrorsa” brings you to the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission!


Starting Wednesday, June 12 from Milano Bovisa to Ispra, in the province of Varese.
In more detail:

  • Starting at 08:00 AM from Piazza Emilio Alfieri, next to the Milano Bovisa train station (here).
  • Arrival at Ispra scheduled at 09:30 AM.
  • Guided tour of the research centre.
  • Leaving from Ispra at 05:30 PM. The arrival in Milano Bovisa is scheduled at 07:00 PM.

The Joint Research Centre is composed of several research institutes. They all give scientific and technical support to the design and developement of the European Commission’s politics.
The visit will be focused on four laboratories:

ESTI – European Solar Test Installation

Inside this laboratory, part of the Renewable Energy Unit, the photovoltaic panels of the latest generation (of different type and size) are subjected to all kinds of verifications.
ESTI – Official website

WARNING: Sadly the ESTI laboratory will be closed, but the activities of the unit will be presented anyway during the introduction of the whole research center. 

VELA – Vehcile Emissions LAboratory

In this structure are collected and analyzed the emissions of different engines (from the smallest single cylinder two-stroke to the larger heavy-duty) on the various types of land vehicles put to the test bench, from two up to six wheels!
VELA – Official brochure


ELSA – European Laboratory for Structural Assessment

The ELSA laboratory is part of the Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen, and his research is aimed at the improvement of buildings and civil infrastructure.
The earthquake simulations are performed on high-scale (sometimes even 1:1!), thanks to the Reaction Wall present in the laboratory, unique in Europe for its size and capacity.
ELSA – Official website


This versatile particle accelerator is used especially in the context of medical research (in particular for the nanotoxicology), thanks to its ability to produce a high variety of radioisotopes through the acceleration of protons, helium nuclei and more complex particles.
Cyclotron – Officiale website
Cyclotron – Technical overview



Nuclear reactor

We will visit the Joint Research Centre’s nuclear reactor instead of the ESTI laboratory, because the 12th of June this one will be closed.



Everything will be preceded by an introduction to the research center in the new Visitors Centre. We’ll have the luck of “testing” it as the first student visiting group!

The participation fee is 10€.
This includes the bus trip, the entranche in the JRC (free) and the lunch (kindly offered by the research center).
The initiative is realized with the contribution of the Politecnico di Milano.



Can a student not from the Politcnico partecipate? Sadly, no. The initiative is co-financed by the university, and only students, PhD students and erasmus students with a valid Politecnico’s ID (matricola) can partecipate.

Can more than one student send a participation request in the same email? No. Each student must send the participation request with his own email.

How many places are available? At the opening of registrations, May 24, the available places are 73. 

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