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Owing to the big number of people registered for the trip, we moved the departure for Milan Students (not Lecco) from Piazza Leonardo to

departure from Stazione Centrale

and return to the same place in the evening.

You will find our payment desks

from 12:00 to 14:30

both in Leonardo campus (Dipartimento di Architettura, under big red-A, on via Ampère entrance) Bovisa – Candiani campus (Ovale) on:

october 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 28th, 29th, 30th

Terna Sinistrorsa proposes to give continuity to a project that for years has brought Politecnico students closer to those that are the most recent and current themes of art and architecture, taking them to Venice Biennale.

This activity is thought for architects, designers but also for engineers; its pourpose is to give a chance to compare the Polytechnic culture, learned during the daily study, with the most important international artistic experiences.


We are going to visit Venice Biennale.

“ The 58th International exposition of art, named “May You live in Interesting Times”. The name was wrongly given to an old chinese curse evoking times of uncertainty, crisis and chaos; “interesting times” refers indeed to the ones we are living ”.


November 6th & 8th, 2019 from Milan

November 6th, 2019 from Lecco


Trip Schedule


06:55 am Meeting at Piazza Leonardo da Vinci

06:55 am Meeting at Centrale FS

7:10 am Meeting with the bus and leaving towards Venice


06:15 am Meeting at centro commerciale Le Meridiane

6:30 am Meeting with the bus and leaving towards Venice

  • Arrival in Venice at parking in Tronchetto
  • Transfer by private steamboat from Tronchetto to Arsenale
  • Visit at Biennale (participants are free to move around)
  • Coming back to Tronchetto parking by private steamboat

  • 6:45 pm Meeting at Riva dei Sette Martiri (we will tell you what is the metting wharf)
  • 7:30 pm Meeting with the bus and departure from Tronchetto


  • 11:00 pm Arrival in Milan in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci Stazione Centrale.


  • 11:30 pm Arrival in Lecco near Centro commerciale Le Meridiane

How much does it costa

The cost of the trip is


The cost includes:

  • Transfer by bus
  • Transfer by steamboat
  • Tickets for Biennale
  • Trip insurance

How to take part?

Before October, 25th you have to fill in the following form: 

Please Note:

You can take part in this trip only if you are actually enrolled in Politecnico. Prepare your institutional e-mail, your student number and your personal information! The avaiable seats are only:


Milan: 345 seats divided into the two days (171 + 3 guides for each day)

Lecco: 55 seats (52 + 3 guides)

A Practical Guide for the Biennale

Seats on the busses are not pre-assigned.

When getting on the bus let us notice you and tick your presence on our lists; coming back please use the same bus so we may know how many students we are leaving there.

For the same reason if you want to stay in venice please tell us beforehand.

While on the bus we will ask you to sign a pair of papers as requested by Politecnico. The former will be to sign your presence in the trip, the latter is a self-certification that you didn’t participate in more than 5 trips financed by the university. You will be asked your matricola (6-digit student code) and your telephone number.

Getting Ready for the Weather

Prepare yourself for the case of high water in Venice. Anyway, Biennale area is higher than the rest of the city, so the water must be extraordinarily bad so as not to allow the visit of the exhibition venue.

Weather Forecast–>>Venice

Eating in Venice

Venice is known to be an expensive tourist city: get your breakfast in Milan and bring some packet lunch and dinner. In Biennale area there is a bar inside the Gardens but food is kind of expensive. We’ll have to travel for 4 hours in the bus and intermediate stops aren’t in the plans (so avoid drinking too much liquids in the morning).

What to Bring


Packed lunch and dinner, maybe some snack, and water.

Clock: just to avoid being left in Venice.

(Smart)Phone, camera, spare battery: ‘cause playing Ruzzle on the bus is a temptation that leads to lower your battery levels.

Notepad, drawing pencils: real hardened architect.

What else?

Dopo l’iscrizione sarete contattati per il pagamento della quota di partecipazione (possibili modalità: in contanti presso dei banchetti che verranno organizzati, bonifico o PayPal).

After the subscription you will be contacted for the payment (paypal or cash to our stands).

For more information come to meet us in our offices in Leonardo and Bovisa or send an email to laternasinistrorsa.biennale@gmail.com .

Follow “La Terna Sinistrorsa” on Facebook if you wish to stay up to date on other activities of this kind!

Event realized with the contribution of Politecnico di Milano.

Technical organization of: Stippelli Viaggi

La Terna Sinistrorsa