400€ more for 100€ in your ISEE?

Replacement of the duty system with a fairer one.

The cafeteria is too much expensive.

Let’s take our cafeteria to European level: high quality food shaving the price down!

“What’s your name?” “I’m fine thanks!” Never again!

Increase of the teachers’ english degree (C1 slightest requested).

error 404: Beep doesn’t working!

Let’s improve the Politecnico App and Beep (adding an interaction part in which students can exchange opinions about courses) and simplify the website and the online services.

Wanna know how to gain credits for Erasmus?

Let’s have a secure method to know which exams to take to leave for the Erasmus.

Hand-made schedule never again.

Improvement of the lessons’ schedule through an algorithm which will garantee empty classrooms to study and classrooms of the right size to follow every lesson as well as possible.

Don’t wait too long!

Improvement of the 150 hours call for birds, giving the chance to the students to choose their own kind of job.

Fantastic associations… and where to find them

Encourage the involvement of students into the Politecnico life and simplify the procedure to take part in it.

Get what you pay for!

Let’s increase the quality of life in the Politecnico campus.

Wanna drink? It’s on Politecnico!

Let’s establish that every four vending machines, one will give you water for free.

The exam is still part of the course, isn’t it?

Let’s have a questionnaire to judge the exam and standards used by teachers to examine students.

Let’s Bike(Mi)!

Let’s establish an agreement to have assisted access at BikeMi without credit card.

Where can I throw it away? No idea!

Let’s clear up the separate collection of rubbish.

Socialize in a cozy place!

Let’s increase socialization on campus improving livable places.

La Terna Sinistrorsa