our electoral program

Don’t waste your time printing!

Let’s set up a network of plot machines around the buildings to avoid costs and queues.

Did you just spend 40 € to build the model base? Enough!

Let’s add some spaces to encourage recycling of models.

How to use Autocad? Here’s a Japanese tutorial on Youtube.

Let’s give classes to learn how to use applications requested.

Can’t you follow you optional course?

Let’s find a day per week to gather all the optional classes.

Forced by teachers to sign up for exams in september? No DSU for you!

We should have the chance to sign up for exams in july to have access to DSU and future classes.

More space (if you know how to use it)!

Let’s have more tables, chairs, wall sockets!

Who do you wanna be? You choose!

Let’s increase the number of workshops gathering them all in a week per semester so every student will have the chance to take part in one.

Aren’t you tired of cutting level curves all day long?

Let’s insert laser printers in a part of Poliprint.

La Terna Sinistrorsa