our electoral program

Politecnico got a brilliant idea! It seems just like yours!

Let’s guarantee the copyright to students to protect their own projects.

And then, I pay!

Let’s set a cash limit for each course, so students won’t spend their entire patrimony to graduate.

Aren’t you tired of the same old story?

Let’s avoid repetition of contents in different courses!

“The assignment is due the day after tomorrow!” “Hm…” “What? Aren’t 2 days enough?!”

Let’s have a scheduled calendar to respect from the very beginning of the course.

The final assignment is killing you? Keep calm, there’s another call!

We think students should have the right to choose the day of the exam and not being punished for it.

Leave here your project and goodbye.

Students deserve to know parameters used by teachers to judge their projects to avoid misunderstanding.

Same course means same exam!

Let’s guarantee equality between the classes of a course increasing the relationship between teachers.

More wall sockets!

Insertion of new sockets in the needy classrooms.

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