our electoral program

Because of the halfway test you can’t do the exam!? #KeepCalm

Students should not lose the chance to give an exam just because they didn’t do the halfway test.

What about the master? Who knows!

Let’s plan an Open Day to clear up our ideas about master degrees with students divided per subjects (even for Engineer Schools).

Still got exams? Don’t curse your surname!

Let’s guarantee equality during exams between different classes.

Aren’t you tired of thesis procedure?

Let’s create a web platform in which all thesis ideas are gathered.

Has your study course a strong theoretical structure?

Let’s improve the hours of workshop to increase your experience.

What am I doing in class? I can read at home!

Let’s erase courses in which tachers just read books or slides to improve self-study.

How many classes do you take this semester? I can’t remember!

Let’s improve the arrengement of courses experimeting emisemesters.

A simple way to clear up your mind.

Let’s increase Beep to take more advantages.

Do you wanna become an engineer? You deserve to see some applications!

Let’s visit firms to understand what you just studied.

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