our electoral program

Relationship between students and delegates

Let’s use official communication channel to be clear, serious and to have debates.

What happens after my graduation?!?

Partnership with Career Service to improve the knowledge about my future career.

Let’s have an easy schedule!

Planning of established rules to simplify your schedule.

I’m gonna make you a tutoring you can’t refuse!

Let’s verify the forcefulness of the internship considering quality, utility, timing and subjects.

What about teaching reviews?

Improvement of teaching reviews adding a final part to complete after the exam.

Think about tomorrow right now!

Planning of orientation for your future career from the very beginning of the 2nd year.

Internship? Yes, please, but…

Let’s clear up the guidelines for the internship to protect and help students.

State certification exam: are you ready?

Let’s face the truth: we don’t have a clue of many subjects of the State certification exam.

La Terna Sinistrorsa