The first time my life's trajectory crossed paths with tampons I was in scouts.

Inside a bag, just outside the tent, a skein of cotton, rayon and well, menstrual, lay.

My brain recorded the damn thing as a bug, grainy pixels, a bacteriological bomb and certainly a filthy creation to banish from this world.

Or at least, if possible, please avoid and ignore. Thank you.

But in the scout environment, definitely healthier and with less pressure than in junior high schools, I was able to get in touch with the female world.

Thanks to the girls I've met, I've given outlines to tampons, their function and their implications.

First practical, now political.

By constant comparison I have understood that often what we are most afraid of, what we most want to disgust, is what we ignore and what we do not understand the meaning of.

It is the same indefiniteness that frightens us. It is our brain that fills the dark spaces with unspeakable horrors, that demonizes what is other than us.

Defining the names of things allows us to understand them, put them in a sense frame, normalize them and resolve them. Or more often understand that they were not a problem at all.

Let's break the taboos and take care of ourselves.

We ask for free tampons at Politecnico Milan.



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