Intermediate Test ≠ First Total Test

We propose to approve a rule in the School statute which states that a teacher should always guarantee a total test on the same date of the Second Intermediate Test. In this way, students who did not take or did not success in the first Intermediate Test would not lose an examination round, and so all the 5 test dates would be guaranteed to each student.


No more differences among different class groups!

In order to avoid that different classes of the same course find clear disparities, especially in exercises complexity and contents, among their exams, we ask for a better cooperation between teachers in preparing exam tests for all different classes of a Course.


Laboratories and experimental teachings

We believe that the engineer cannot be formed completely on textbooks, but that he is expected to experience, to touch by hand what so far he has only read and studied. We therefore want to increase the hours dedicated to both experimental, computer-related and projectual laboratories.
We want our university to provide us practical skills on the various subjects we study every day.

The product of all our ideas has already been put in practice, in our constant and active participation in the discussion sessions set up by the Dean Prof. Capone regarding Laboratory activities, and for the future we plan to increase our efforts in order to gain concrete results.



We want to set up the The Laboratory of the Engineerings, a specific workspace where engineering students can experiment, challenge themselves, and take the first steps into real engineering: dreaming, designing, creating!

Working tables with many type of tools, from screwdrivers to welders, 3D printers, modeling softwares, Arduino and various materials. Inspired by an existing reality such as the architectural modelling laboratories, in this place students will have the opportunity to develop their ideas and projects, in safety and improving their skills, thanks to professors and technicians who will help and support them.

Hack-Lab: a place where get your hands dirty and get involved!


Software MOOC

As engineers we often find ourselves struggling with softwares like MatLAB, and more often we are not given the proper support or preparation to use them in the courses we attend. We propose to create short video lessons (such as the MOOC already proposed by Politecnico), held by teachers, that provide adequate educational support, available at any time.

La Terna Sinistrorsa