Are you tired of looking for tutorials to complete your lab deliveries?

We propose to invest more time in teaching how to use basic software for design and rendering (Autocad, Adobe package, ArcGis / QGis, Cinema4D …).
Furthermore we ask that will be dedicated  hours to each course of the first year in order to explaining the software that the course requires to use.


First intermediate test ≠ first total test

We propose to approve a rule in the School statute which defines that a teacher should always guarantee a total test on the same date of the Second Intermediate Test. In this way, students who did not take or did not success in the first Intermediate Test would not lose an examination round, and so all the 5 test dates would be guaranteed to each student.


Days spent cutting contours? Let the Laser do it!

We propose to use the space largely under-utilized by Poliprint, to insert a series of laser and 3D printing machines dedicated to students, in order to guarantee a quality service at a controlled price.


“Hi guys! For next week: delivery of 9 sheets and model! “

Make it mandatory that all AUIC School teachers make the course program available during the first days of the semester, with the respective deadlines. We also ask for more communication between teachers to compare themselves for a better distribution of deliveries and partial deliveries.


Finding the time to follow your optional course is like playing Tetris with your agenda?

We want as many students as possible to follow the optional courses of the School, identifying weekly slots dedicated to them.

To help students following the courses, we propose that some of the optional ones should be delivered in the evening, to avoid overlaps and even crowded classrooms more easily.


Discounts at Poliprint based on the ISEE

We want to apply a discount card at the Polytechnic printing centers.


Frozen summer credits until september? No more!

We want all the dates of the exams to be ensured, without being canceled unexpectedly , to guarantee the people with scholarship all the credits they need to be included in the ranking for the assignment of scholarships or labs.


Do you want to make credits during summer? You can attend summer school!

We want to bolster the number of summer schools to increase the possibility of formation also during the summer.


New softwares! Stop using illegal or demo versions!

New licences. New deals with companies to give us students the newer and useful ones. SketchUp Pro, Lumion, Cinema 4D, just to mention some of them.


Make university a more livable place!

Establish a school fund that students can use, through a competition organized by the school representative, to make self-managed workshops, exhibitions or events.


No more students who haven’t completed exams within set time period due to one single course!

We want to make sure for people who are studying for the major degree not to lose a year after one exam, by giving them the possibility to attend classes for the master degree, so they won’t lose time and after the major degree they won’t have problems to keep up.

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