Master? What is it?

Schedule guiding activities to introduce students to the MSc Degree Programme already during the second academic year

The School of civil, environmental and land management engineering offers to its students the possibility to choose different tracks already during the last year before the BSc Degree. Alas, several students have significant difficulties in deciding which one is more suitable for them and this problem is partially due to the students’ relatively poor acquaintance of our School’s MSc Degree Programme. For this reason, we want to boost the organization by the Professors of guiding conferences already during the second academic year, in order to give to the students enough time to reach the right decision.


This tutorship class is not so good…

Evaluate quality, schedule and subject-matter of tutorship classes.

It is important to develop the tutorship activities to support the students in addition to the normal classes. Nevertheless, La Terna Sinistrorsa proposes to monitor more often their organization and effectiveness asking the students for filling up some dedicated questionnaires. Moreover, we want to improve tutorship classes distribution during semesters and exam sessions and we reckon that it would be useful for the students to know previously the arguments of each class; this would let the students to apportion better their time, especially during the exam sessions.


Dissimilar twins? No more!

Guarantee the maximum fairness in the examination modalities between the different batches

We propose a deeper collaboration among the Professors to guarantee uniformity in terms of teaching and assessments between the various batches. In fact, it happens that the methods of examination and preparation are often too different between them.


Our future must be certain!

Improving postgraduate orientation initiatives

Civil and environmental engineers are generally less involved in the activities of the Career Service, so we would like to increase collaboration with Associations, Professional Orders and Polimi Alumni, to identify the most appropriate strategies to follow to improve the situation. In particular, we believe that we should increase the proposals for orientation and post-graduate work placement, extending to the other courses initiatives on the virtuous model of IAT @ work, limited only to Environmental Engineering so far.


Mandatory priority exam ≠ Stop

Deleting priorities in the study plan

We believe that not being able to pass an exam shouldn’t cause problematic delays a student’s educational track: this does not encourage our studies. There are a huge number of reasons for which a student could fail a particular test, so we would like to reduce, or even to delete the priorities in the composition of the study plan in order to obtain more equity for all.


Too many irons in the fire?

Redistribute the subject-matters

Sometimes, especially during the first academic year, it happens that the students are forced to apply concepts which would be studied in ensuing courses. Our proposal is to redistribute the arguments and courses provided for by the study plan in order to lighten the students’ workload too.


ERROR 404: The book is not currently available

Guarantee enough textbooks for each course

Had ever happened to you to go to the library and not to find the book you were looking for? The number of volumes of the same subject that can be borrowed is clearly not sufficient to adequately cover the needs of the students. We propose that the School provides some e-books to guarantee everyone the possibility of have a book when it is effectively necessary. This solution should lighten the students’ economic efforts and would be a more eco-friendly.


To innovate or not to innovate: that is the question…

Improving the offer of digital services to make it more useful and complete

The educational world is constantly evolving and digital tools are carving out an increasingly central role also in the university studies. For this reason, we believe that is important to continue on the path of innovation, promoting the creation of digital content that supports traditional teaching. Our proposals also include the creation of online courses to learn how to use the most popular software in our School – like MatLAB, AutoCAD and Qgis – and the publication of video experiments and laboratory tests to be able to concretely visualize what we study in the classroom .


La Terna Sinistrorsa