A short guide about the trip to Biennale di Venezia organized by La Terna Sinistrorsa.
Every year we organize such a trip to allow Polimi’s students to get in touch with the pulsing core of a collective dialogue to define what architecture and art is and represent around the world.
This trip is possible thanks to contribution of Politecnico di Milano but would not be possible without the volounteers that organize it and deal with the nuisances of registration and travel. Bring 400 students to Venice isn’t easy but we do it because we belive in an idea of university that look beyond teaching quality and variety of sevices offered to students. We belive university should have a vibrant cultural and social dimension, built by students for students; we are part and take part in such dimension .


Campus, Data, Meeting time, Departure, Where

– Milano, 6/8 November, meeting time 6:50, departure 7:10, Piazza di Luigi di Savoia, In front of Starhotels Anderson

– Lecco, 6 November, meeting time 6.15, departure 6.30, bus parking of shopping center Le Meridiane.

Arrival in venice at 10:45.

Seats on the busses are not pre-assigned. When getting on the bus let us notice you and tick your presence on our lists; coming back please use the same bus so we may know how many students we are leaving there. For the same reason if you want to stay in venice please tell us beforehand.

While on the bus we will ask you to sign a pair of papers as requested by Politecnico. The former will be to sign your presence in the trip, the latter is a self-certification that you didn’t participate in more than 5 trips financed by the university. You will be asked your matricola (6-digit student code) and your telephone number.


It will be probably sunny, be prepared anyway to face some rain: get an umbrella or a raincoat.

Prepare yourself for the case of high water in Venice. The Biennale area is higher than the rest of Venice, so the water must be extraordinarily high so as not to allow the visit of the exhibition venue.


tramezzino venetoEATING IN VENEZIA

Venezia is known to be an expensive tourist city: get your breakfast at Milano and bring some packet lunch and dinner. At Biennale there is a bar inside the Gardens but food is kind of expensive. We’ll have to travel for 4 hours in the bus and we aren’t planned intermediate stops (so avoid drinking too much liquids in the morning)


Packed lunch and dinner, maybe some snack, and water.oggetti

Clock: just to avoid being left in Venice.

(Smart)Phone, camera, spare battery: ‘cause playing Ruzzle on the bus is a temptation that leads to lower your battery levels.

Notepad, drawing pencils: real hardened architect.


visitaWe will get to the Gardens and will fetch and distribute the tickets that are valid for both locations (Arsenale and Gardens). Getting to Arsenale from the Gardens is pretty easy as directions are posted in the streets. Biennale is a complex, plural and large, in the same spirit the visit will be free and autonomous.

After the visit: we will show you the dock to meet nearby (on “Riva dei Sette Martiri” in front of hotel Gabrielli) at 18:45. We will not be able to wait you beyond 19.00 so keep an eye on the clock.


Buses will get back (to Milano, Lecco) in the same locations as in the morning.
Arrival is scheduled for Milan at 23.00 and Lecco at 23:30 keep in mind that we may be late in case of delays along the trip.

La Terna Sinistrorsa